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I find hard to define in words but over the years my perception and interpretation of everything around me have drastically changed, and fashion is not the exception. Its three months since my last post and lot of things have been going on here, I got a new job, change my hair color, did a closet clean out, got one year older and celebrated my first year of marriage. 

From Now On by Supertramp on Grooveshark

Changes can be scary at times but even though, progress is good and change is always a motivator. 

The song in this post is a favorite of mine, have a nice week! 


  1. Ana, qué gusto volver a saber de ti, qué bueno que regresas a tu blog! Sí, un montón de cosas pueden pasar en tres meses ya no digamos en un año, siempre hay que estar en constante evolución (y siempre para bien)

    No tienes idea de como me gustó tu nuevo color de cabello, te sienta increíble!

    Muchos saludos!

  2. Wow tu cabello ana! me fascino, bienvenida de nuevo por estos rumbos, un beso!

  3. Estás increíble, te queda excelente el color!